Handmade balloons

Based on the legendary Q24.

Please note: These balloons have flaws.
I am a beginner balloon maker. I am only selling these balloons on this site until our professionally produced balloons are delivered from our balloon maker.

These balloons are not perfect! They are still spectacular but not pefect.

I do double dip these balloons to help reinforce the flaws. They will inflate fully but they are balloons and balloons can break. Please do not buy these balloons if you are looking for mass produced, flawless, commercial balloons. Many people really like these. Some people have been disappointed.

WB28 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB28 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Emerald Blue WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Green WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Magenta

26 inch crystal balloons

WB26 balloons

These balloons are double dipped and get very tight. After a few inflations they will get larger and a bit softer. Available with different neck lengths.

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Those pesky flaws

Air bubbles are still an issue

These balloons get better with each batch but they still have some flaws.


We try to include a VIVISHINE freshen up with each order.

VIVISHINE keeps your balloons looking new and shiny with these handy wipes. If you like smooth and shiny balloons, you will love these!