Small batch artisan balloons

Double dipped

Artisan balloons

59Balloons is all about the balloons. The balloons you will find at 59Balloons are hand dipped and what I like to call artisan balloons. No automation, no fancy equipment. A labour of love that started as a hobby and has grown into a small business.

My goal is to become a master, artisan, balloon maker making spectacular balloons specifically for the adult balloon community.

My balloons are dipped multiple times- double and sometimes even tripled dipped to make them stronger and more reliable. It's my specialty.

I can custom double dip thinner balloons but only if you are looking to order quite a few balloons. Contact me to discuss.



I am on a mission to recreate legendary, discontinued balloons and to work with others to create their own dream balloons.

Balloons for the love of balloons first. Balloons for the balloon community second. Balloons to pay the rent after that.

WB28S Crystal Clear Triple Dipped WB28S Crystal Magenta Triple Dipped WB28S Crystal Orange Triple Dipped WB28S Crystal Blue Triple Dipped WB28S Crystal Green Triple Dipped

Brand new

Triple Dipped WB28SN

Triple dipped for extra strength and reliability. A completely new balloon experience. Ideal for larger people, couples or just people who like a more reliable balloon. Think of them as a balloon inside a balloon, inside a balloon. Produced in limited amounts.

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JB34 Artisan handmade Crystal Magenta JB34 Artisan handmade Crystal Clear JB34 Artisan handmade Crystal Blue JB34 Artisan handmade Crystal Green JB34 Artisan handmade Crystal Yellow

Also new

The legendary JellyBean inspired JB34

Inspired by the legendary Jellybean balloon that was discontinued years ago. These banner balloons are slightly longer and definitely thicker than the originals but that just makes them a little better too!

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WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Yellow WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Clear WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Magenta WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Blue WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Emerald Blue


WB24 Q24 inspired balloons

Big, colorful 24 inch, teardrop shaped balloons with extra long necks. These balloons are double dipped for extra strength and bolder colors. These balloons become absolutely huge after a few inflations. Please note: These balloons are not for everyone. These balloons can contain flaws that can interfere with fully enjoying them especially if popping is of concern. If you really want perfect balloons, come back in a year or two when I will have mastered the art of balloon making. Until then I suggest not purchasing my balloons. Setting proper expectations is key.

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Bold colors

WB24 short neck balloons

If you are looking for a Q24 replacement look no further. This is the balloon that started it all. A teardrop shaped balloon with a graceful transition from the neck to the bulb.

WB28 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB28 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Emerald Blue WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Green WB28 Artisan handmade Crystal Magenta

A larger version of the WB24

WB28 teardrop shaped balloon

A Q24 inspired balloon but a little bigger with a much longer neck. These balloons are hand dipped one at a time. Single dipped for the traditional b alloon experience and double dipped for extra strength. Bold, rich, crystal colors. Please note: I am a beginner balloon maker. These balloons may have flaws that may reduce the enjoyment of people who are afraid of flaws. If you are looking for perfect balloons please come back in a year or so. Do not buy these balloons. Setting proper expectations is important.

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Strong and reliable

WB28 Short Neck Balloons

The same big, bold colorful WB28 balloon but with a shorter neck. These 28" balloons get larger with each inflation. Available in single and double dipped models.