Buster holding a fully inflated crystal Magenta WB28 Balloon

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Its all about balloons, the bigger the better!
Buster Steve

Its all about balloons, the bigger the better.

Here to challenge others to balloon
blowing feats.

testing tuesday 05212024

More Testing Tuesday fun....this time I am testing a WB28 Longneck Balloon. Handmade!

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WB24 Longneck B2P almost

Testing out a handmade custom 24 inch longneck balloon by Will Blown. I had a bit of a problem with the neck piece, and it kept leaking...so I edited those parts out.....just like the 24 inch qualatex it was made like...it put up a big fight and blew up all the way to the mouth piece.

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Custom made Longneck 28 inch Blow to Pop

Finally! I blow a beautiful Will Blown handmade balloon to burst .... very tough double dipped latex.

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WB Orange Jellybean B2P

An amazing 'new' balloon handmade by Will Blown at 59balloons.com .... a bi colored 'jelly bean' balloon. I think it gets bigger and longer than the old school 'jelly bean' shape. The color is amazing to me... I loved the rush of how strong it was to blow that big.

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