Handmade balloons

Please note: My balloons are NOT perfect and can have flaws.

If popping is something that concerns or scares you, these may not be the right balloons for you. Please set proper expectations.

Each batch I make gets better. Some balloons have very few even no flaws.
I double dipped my balloons and most will inflate fully without any issues but there may be windows or flaws that can take the pleasure right out of a balloon as visually they may make your internal alarm bells go off. I completely understand and respect this and it is important that I set proper expectations before you buy these balloons.

Commercial balloons are single dipped so a flaw in a commercial balloon is really a bad sign. Double dipping is well... different.

Please note: Flaws

Scary windows

Double dipping is like a balloon inside a balloons. The balloon is flawed but it inflates fully and in this case is as hard as a rock..

Flawed balloon

Raising red flags

These flaws can raise red flags and take all the enjoyment out of a balloon. They are not for everyone.