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How to get the most out of your balloon investment

How to get the most out of your favorite balloons!

59Balloons are unlike commercial balloons and therefore need a bit of special attention when you inflate and store them. Double and triple dipping makes the latex thicker and therefore stronger. This especially effects the necks. The latex in the bulb area will inflate much easier than the neck latex. To compensate for this, it's best to pre-inflate and "weaken" or train the neck latex otherwise you run the risk of the bulb completely filling and the balloon breaking before the neck has inflated.

How to

Properly inflate your WB series balloons

Training your balloons to have big thick necks will insure that even after multiple inflations you still get great necks. You can also inflate bulb first if you prefer thinner and shorter necks. It entirely up to you!

How to tie off your big balloons

Some people like half knots, some like balloon clips. If you plan to inflate your balloons more than once, using a technique that makes it easy to tie and untie your balloons will save your fingers and actually can give you much more neck latex to inflate.

Balloon clips often make pinholes in balloons. If a balloon breaks that hard piece of plastic shooting across the room can be dangerous. Half knots work well but require a lot of finger strength especially with larger and strong balloons.

Elastic bands are by far my favorite method. Easy to tie and easy to untie. Very inexpensive and they give you a nice little handle to hold onto.

How to

Tie off balloons with an elastic band

By far the easiest method to use to easily tie and untie balloons.

Keep your balloons looking shiny and new

I am a huge fan of ViviShine. It is made for the latex wear community and that makes it perfectly suited for latex balloons as well. It not only keeps your balloons looking shiny and feeling smooth but it also conserves them by protecting them from UV rays and air born contaminants like Ozone that degrade latex.

If you would like to try just add a free Vivishine wipe to your order.

Note: I didn't like the feel of Vivishine in the beginning but now I use it every time. It will also change the way your balloons sound reducing the amount of squeaking which can be good for the neighbors.

How to

Treat your balloons with Vivishine

A balloon's best friend! Just wipe it on and buff it in for extra shiny balloons. It will help make older, well used balloons like almost like new.