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59Balloons is a new balloon brand. Produced by a balloon lover for balloon lovers.

Large balloon brands make fantastic balloons but all too often the balloons that we like best have been discontinued or just aren't strong enough for our liking.

I started 59Balloons to bring back many of our favourite balloons and to make balloons that were stronger and more dependable.

All 59Balloons balloons on this site are handmade. What started as a hobby has quickly grown into a balloon business and hopefully one day it will also become a "Balloon Academy" where people can learn how to make their own balloons or just spend a day making balloons for others to enjoy!

59Balloons is all about the balloons first, the community second and making money after that.

The Founder

Will Blown

Balloons found me when I was very young. My first memories are all balloon related. Their shape, rich bright colors, the way the latex feels when pressed against my skin and the fact that they are so fragile and can be gone in an instant are all things that make balloons very special to me.

Several years ago, the Q24 which was my favorite balloon for many years was discontinued. I tried for two years to find a balloon company that would produce a replica for me. I gathered a group of over 250 Q24 super fans and we raised nearly $20,000 but even that was not enough to interest a balloon company to make a custom run of several colors for us.

The only option was to learn how to make balloons. I started a GoFundMe campaign to help buy the molds and materials and set up a Balloon Makers Discord server with the hopes of attracting people who would share their balloon making knowledge and experience. I highly recommend trying to make your own balloons. I am proof that anyone can make spectacular balloons with a bit of practice and determination.

Soon I was able to make balloons that actually inflated. The balloons were filled with flaws but I happily shared them with my supporters who continued to fund my steep learning courve. What began as a simple hobby has blossomed into 59Balloons.

I am still learning how to make balloons. My goal is to become an artisan balloon master. I have a long way to go but every batch improves.

The many large flaws have become fewer and much smaller. The interest in trying my balloons continues to grow. Soon I will be expanding my capacity so that the webshop isn't mostly sold out and if that goes well, I will move out of the corner of my garage and into a proper location becoming a true balloon company

59Balloons is a way to give back to a community that has given me so much and has changed my life for the better. It's really a labour of love.

If you would like to learn how to make balloons contact me and I will share the link to the Balloon Makers Discord server.

Contact me

Do you have questions or comments. Would you like to learn how to make balloons or would you like to talk to me about developing your ultimate dream balloon? Feel free to reach out and contact me!

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