Setting up the new Squeaks program

Setting up the new Squeaks program

You may have noticed a bunch of new icons on the edge of the web shop pages. ?these are part of the new "Squeaks" rewards program that is being integrated into the site.

Reward programs can be annoying I know. I always feel like they are quite pushy. Initially this one might be too but as I learn how to actually use it, I will try to make it a program you like not one you dread.

So why this Squeaks program? Well.... words of thanks to the people who are supporting 59Balloons are all great but I would like to make my appreciation more physical and though this isn't cash, it is things like discounts and free shipping.

It will allow me to say thank you to the people who are making posts, sharing posts, making an account and a bunch of other things.

It's also a way to make sure that when people are buying my balloons, especially the handmade ones that can have flaws like holes that make them really no use, I can make good by adding squeaks to their accounts so the next time they buy they will get payback from me.

I really don't know how this works but I will say the Growave team is amazing. I ask a lot of stupid questions and they never make me feel dumb. A super customer experience so practicing what they preach.

Let's give this a try. I think it could make this a better experience for everyone!

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  • Quinn

    This sounds like an excellent idea!

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