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Artisan balloons

59Balloons is all about the balloons. The balloons you will find at 59Balloons are hand dipped one at a time. A labour of love that started as a hobby and has grown into a small business.

I am an artisan balloon maker making balloons specifically for the adult balloon community.

My balloons are double dipped to make them stronger and more reliable. It's my specialty. I can custom double dip thinner balloons but only if you are looking to order quite a few balloons. Contact me to discuss.



Een nieuw ballonmerk dat zich toelegt op het produceren van spectaculaire ballonnen exclusief voor de ballongemeenschap.

WB24 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB24 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB24 Artisan handmade crystal yellow WB24 Artisan handmade crystal magenta WB24 Artisan handmade crystal purple


WB24 Q24 inspired balloons

Big, colorful 26 inch, teardrop shaped balloons with extra long necks. Double dipped for extra strength. These become very hard and absolutely huge after a few inflations. Please note: They are not for everyone. These balloons can contain flaws that can interfere with fully enjoying them especially if popping is of concern. I have rarely had them pop when I inflate them but they are not perfect and can look as if they will not inflate fully.

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New addition

WB24 short neck balloons

If you are looking for a Q24 replacement look no further. This is the balloon that started it all. A teardrop shaped balloon with a graceful transition from the neck to the bulb.

WB28 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB28 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB28 Artisan handmade crystal green WB28 Artisan handmade crystal magenta WB28 Artisan handmade crystal orange


26 inch teardrop shaped balloon

A Q24 inspired balloons but a little bigger with a much longer neck. These balloons are hand dipped one at a time twice for extra strength and deep, bold, rich colors. Please note: I am a beginner balloon maker. These balloons may have flaws that may reduce the enjoyment they brings.

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New addition

The same big, bold colorful WB28 balloon but with a shorter neck. These 28" balloons get larger with each inflation and like all my balloons are double dipped for extra strength.