Ambachtelijke ballonnen voor een eerlijke prijs

Grote, mooie ballonnen, speciaal ontworpen en geproduceerd exclusief voor de ballongemeenschap.

A selection of hand made balloons by a Q24 super fan. I took what I liked best about the legendary Q24 and made these balloons even better!

Please note: These balloons are hand made one at a time by a beginner balloon maker. They have flaws. They are not perfect. If the fear of a balloon popping makes it difficult for you to fully enjoy a balloon then these balloons may not be for you.
WB28 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB28 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB28 Artisan handmade crystal green WB28 Artisan handmade crystal magenta WB28 Artisan handmade crystal orange

Extremely long necks

WB28 Long Neck Balloons

Big, colorful 26 inch, teardrop shaped balloons with extra long necks. Double dipped for extra strength. These become very hard and absolutely huge after a few inflations.

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WB28 Short Neck Crystal Yellow WB28 Short Neck Crystal Magenta WB28 Short Neck Crystal Clear WB28 Short Neck Crystal Orange WB28 Short Neck Crystal Green

Recently added

WB28 Short Neck Balloons

The same shape as the legendary Q24 only bigger and stronger.

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WB24 Artisan handmade crystal blue WB24 Artisan handmade crystal clear WB24 Artisan handmade crystal yellow WB24 Artisan handmade crystal magenta WB24 Artisan handmade crystal purple

The perfect size

WB24 Long neck balloons

The same perfect size 24 inch balloon. Bold colors and double dipped for extra strength.

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WB24 Short Neck Crystal Blue WB24 Short Neck Crystal Yellow WB24 Short Neck Crystal Green WB24 Short Neck Crystal Orange WB24 Short Neck Crystal Magenta

New addition

WB24 Short Neck Balloon

A very close Q24 replica. Using the same former as the WB24 long neck, these amazing balloons are dopped to produce a shorter neck.

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How to video

Get long, thick necks

Check out how I get the biggest and thickest necks on my balloons using the "sock" technique.