Developing the new WB26 inch balloon

Developing the new WB26 inch balloon

The sales of my hand made WB26 have been incredible but have also shown me that in order to make sure there are enough balloons for everyone, it's time to start producing these magnificent balloons with our artisan balloon makers. I can dip one at a time, they will dip 50 at a time so we can order a few thousand.

They will have the same size and shape of the handmade balloons but they will be made by balloon masters which mens fewer flaws and better quality. They will use a different latex formula than I use but the balloons will be strong.

Best of all we will offer these balloons for a much fairer price so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy them.

They will be available in 7 crystal colors for now.

I will still make mystery hand made balloons for people as custom runs. ?Some people really just love the XXXL long necks. Also the colors. I enjoy making balloons. It's a labour of love but it is time consuming and if I had to calculate what I earn I would be better off flipping burgers at McDononald's. 

It's not about the money. It's about the love of balloons and making great balloons the community ! 


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