Keep your balloons looking shiny and new!

VIVISHINE products are made specifically for the latex wear community but they are also perfectly formulated for latex balloons!

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VIVISHINE for your balloons

• Long-lasting visible deep shine for your latex balloons
• Keeps balloons looking shiny and new
• Help protect against oxidation
• Inhances the smooth latex feeling on the skin
• Solvent-free and odorless

Single wipes

Handy VIVISHINE Fresh ups

Perfect for trying out VIVISHINE to see if it is something for you.

VIVISHINE fresh ups optimize the latex shine with a single wipe. Simply wipe this cloth on your balloon and then buff your balloon with a soft cloth.


Balloon conditioner

VIVISHINE is a thicker latex conditioner that can be applied directly on balloons and then buffed with a soft cloth to make your balloons extra shiny and smooth. It protects against oxidation and helps conserve your balloons.

Note: VIVISHINE reduces the squeaking sound which can be better for the neighbours but if squeaking is something you really like, it may reduce your enjoyment.

We are not currently selling VIVISHINE but you can buy it from LatexRepair.



An easy to apply spray. Just spray a few drops on your balloon and buff it into the latex with a soft cloth for incredibly smooth and shiny balloons. Like all VIVISHINE products, VIVISHINE spray helps to protect balloons against oxidation and restore shine to older balloons.

We don't sell VIVISHINE Spray but you can buy it at LatexRepair.

Hygienic balloon cleaner


Safely clean your balloons with this intensive but gentle latex cleaner. Very skin-friendly and easily to rinse.

We don't currently sell VIVICLEAN but you can find it at LatexRepair.