WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green
WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green
WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green
WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green
WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green
Green homemade 26 inch balloon

WB24 Artisan handmade Crystal Green

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These big, Crystal Emerald Green, 24 inch, long necked balloons are  double dipped. Double dipped balloons are very strong, will get rock hard and very tight when inflated. After several inflations they get softer and quite large.

These balloons will easily reach 22 inches and with a bit of effort 24 inches but can get even larger for those with a bit of courage. After multiple inflations I have seen them become well over 26 inches on becoming a massive 28 inches which was as far as I was willing to push them.

These artisan, homemade balloons are dipped four at a time. Each teardrop shape balloon is unique. 

Please note: These balloons are handmade and have imperfections. Double dipping helps to reinforce the balloon so that they inflate fully. They are not perfect. If you are sensitive to popping, these balloons are not for you as when you see a flaw you may not be able to continue inflating and this is a waste. These balloons are not for everyone! I completely respect that fear can ruin your balloon experience so please, if a flaw is going to disappoint you, please don't buy these balloons. Each batch improves but I am still learning.

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