How to get the best necks on your balloons

How to get the best necks on your balloons

We recommend using the sock trick to get the best necks on our balloons. It's just one way to get great necks. there are many others out there.

I principle what you are doing is "training" the neck so that the latex is a bit weaker than the latex in the bulb. This makes sure you balloons have great necks with each inflation. Use this trick for every inflation to keep nice big long full necks. 

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  • Marcus

    Ich hatte 3×3 WB28 bestellt
    gesamte Summe über 54 15 Euro wurde am 29.4. überwiesen.
    Ware sollte gestern angekommen.
    Habe bis jetzt noch keine Info bekommen
    Viele Grüße
    Marcus Strzalla

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